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Inner Spirit Inner Artist: A Day of Classes to Feed Your Inner Spirit with Your Inner Artist — Meditate. Activate. Retain.


DATE: Saturday, January 20, 2018
LOCATION: Columbia University Schapiro Studio
605 W. 115th Street, New York, NY 10027
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  • Skill Level: Any
  • This Class is For: People of any skill level who want to engage the Bible through acting
  • Focus: Scripture study, meditation, relaxation, nurturing the spirit, activating the body, stimulating the imagination

Devised Dance

  • Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • This Class is For: people desiring to explore the Bible though dance. You do not have to be a trained dancer to enjoy this class. However, dance experience is a plus.
  • Focus: Using dance to aid in understanding and retaining scriptural messages; relaxation; nurturing the spirit; activating the body; stimulating the imagination

Devised Song

  • Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • This Class is For: People excited to use singing to explore and delve deeper into the Bible. You do not have to be a trained singer to enjoy this class. However, your singing ability should range from good to exceptional. If you do not profess to be a singer or feel comfortable singing around others or in public, you probably will not be comfortable in this course.
  • Focus: As a group, improvising song from scripture to aid in understanding and retaining Biblical passages; scripture study; relaxation; nurturing the spirit; and activating the body

What Does “Devised” Mean?

In terms of performing arts, “devised” is used to refer to works that are developed collaboratively. Such works can be inspired by anything. Using scripture for inspiration, “Inner Spirit Inner Artist” classes focus on building a short piece of performance art developed live in the room from the contributions of participants. ~

NOTE: “Inner Spirit Inner Artist” is a part of research Ayvaunn Penn is conducting in the thesis year of her Master of Fine Arts at Columbia University. All participants must: complete a Columbia University School of the Arts – Theatre “Hold Harmless” form prior to class participation; fill out a survey at the end of each class they participate in; and agree to be photographed and filmed for Ayvaunn Penn’s archival and promotional purposes.