Lyrics & Musical Compositions

The following audio samples feature lyrics and musical compositions created by Ayvaunn Penn for her plays and musicals featured on Harlem tour, at the Tony Award-winning Signature Theatre, Columbia University’s Schapiro Theatre and more. Click the orange play buttons to listen.

For Bo: A Play Inspired by the Murder of Botham Jean by Officer Amber Guyger 

“To Forgive and Forget” – Vocals and Remix by Jaden Lewis

“Oh to Be Black” – Vocals by Ayvaunn Penn

The Feather Doesn’t Fall Far from the Wing: A Play with Music – A Reimagining of the Fall of Lucifer

“What is More?” – Arrangements by Brittany Steele

“Look Greater in the Face – Arrangements by Brittany Steele

“Giver of the Feather” – Arrangements by Brittany Steele

King David: The Original Musicless Musical – The Tale of King David from the Perspective of His Children

“We Will Not Be Silenced” – Vocals by Ayvaunn Penn

Zarephath: The Gospel & Jazz Infused Musical – The Tale of the Widow Who Shared Her Last Meal with the Prophet Elijah

“The Nerve of the Man” – Vocals by Ayvaunn Penn