College Readiness Quiz

As a university professor and former university writing tutor, Prof. Ayvaunn Penn developed this quiz to help students assess their preparedness for the rigorous, high expectations of college writing. This is not an exhaustive assessment, but if a student finds that they struggle with any of these fundamental concepts, they should immediately seek supplementary tutoring and/or learning tools. If tutoring is not available at a student’s school, Prof. Penn offers both private tutoring and free pop-up online writing and grammar workshops. By designing this quiz and making it available to the public for free, Prof. Penn’s goal is to help students discover what — if any — writing and grammar concepts they need to work on mastering BEFORE entering college. This is also a great resource for middle and high school students, since these concepts should be mastered prior to entering high school.

When you take the virtual quiz below, you will be able to view your results immediately upon completion. A copy of your answers will be emailed to the email address you provide in the quiz form. Additionally, the blank quiz and answer key can be downloaded below.