Stethoscope Stage

Stethoscope Stage 2022 Theme: COVID-19
Theme Song: “Mis(S)Information” by Ayvaunn Penn

Founded by Penn in the summer of 2021, Stethoscope Stage is dedicated to facilitating open and honest conversations between patients and medical care providers — both seeking truth, to be heard, and understood. Brought to life through the transformative power of live theatre, the voices of those navigating illness are amplified while the challenges and gratifications of serving in the medical field are illuminated. Hereby, Stethoscope Stage builds the essential bridge of empathy between patients and medical professionals that leads to enriched health care experiences. The festival had its official launch on April 9, 2022. It was hosted by the Texas Christian University (TCU) Theatre Department and sponsored by TCU College of Fine Arts, TCU School of Medicine, TCU School of Music, TCU Office of Diversity & Inclusion, and The Haley Family Fund for Medicine and the Arts. Click here to watch the inaugural Stethoscope Stage festival and community discussion on the theme of COVID-19.